Special Offer - CT3000i ECG Machine

The CT3000i ECG machine is easy to use and features user friendly controls and settings and comes complete with an interpretation and measurements program.

Ideal for use in a wide variety of clinical settings.

12 lead ECG with 3 channel high quality interpretive presentation.

90mm Z fold paper print out. 


  • Auto-start button automatically produces the ECG traces complete with rhythm strip measurements and interpretation
  • Filters for baseline, electrical and muscle tremor interference, providing clear traces
  • Lead off warning and identification
  • Useful copy button for extra ECG traces
  • 12 simultaneously acquired ECG traces printed on 90 mm paper, eliminates trace overlap
  • Paper tray accommodates z-fold or roll paper
  • Manual button provides real time print-outs
  • Mains and battery operation


Measurements table

RR, P, PR, QRS, QT and QTC intervals, and the P, QRS and T axis


Recharges automatically - when fully charged produces 4 hours continuous operation


Charge time - approximately 4 hours 


73h x 293w x 210dmm


2.9 kgs

This CT3000i ECG machine is available for hire/rent or is available on a purchase basis. It can be ordered with any other clinical trial, medical or laboratory equipment to create the most effective equipment management solution for your study. 

Contact us if you cannot find a solution to your ECG Machine requirements. We have a whole range of equipment available including Stress Test Systems, Holter monitors and Event recorders.