Reister Shock Proof Sphygmomanometer

Reister R1 Shock Proof Sphygmomanometer

Conventional sphygmomanometers are shock-sensitive and this can impair their measurement accuracy if they are dropped onto the floor and this can result in them no longer being used. This palm style  sphygmomanometer is shock-proof from a fall of up to 120 cm.

Metal threaded tube connection at the top of the casing for fast cuff exchange and ergonomic operation. Fast, inflation due to optimized bulb design with integrated spoon. Non-resistant opening of air release valve ensures precise control.


    • White face with blue needle
    • Scale: 52mm diameter
    • Non-resistant deflation valve control for precise control
    • Valve base and air duct with metal precision valve
    • Two-component ABS casing with integrated spoon
    • Metal threaded tubing connector
    • Non-resistant opening of air release valve ensures precise and comfortable operation
    • Supplied with latex-free one-piece standard adult cuff(24-32 cm) that can be disinfected and vinyl case
  • Various optional cuffs available: LF 120 Small Adult Cuff 1 tube to file 17-26 cm, LF 107 Standard Adult Cuff 1 tube to fit 24 - 32 cm, LF122 Large Adult Cuff 1 tube to fit 32-42 cm - See Accessories.


    Maximum Error Tolerance

    +/- 3 mm Hg  


     400 gram


    The Hand Operated Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is available for hire/rent for your clinical trial or is available on a purchase basis. It can be ordered with any other clinical trial, medical or laboratory equipment to create the most effective equipment management solution for your study.