Mechanical Measuring Rod

This mechanical measuring rod is suitable for both adults and children and can be adjusted to suit. Ideal for use in many clinical settings. The measuring rod has a variable scale of 3.5 to 230 cm that is inserted into a 138 cm frame. The plastic frame can be wall mounted at any height. The measurements are displayed in a window on the side of the rod and  the graduation index can be held in place by the locking screw on the headpiece. The scale is printed in centimetres on one side of the tape and centimetres and inches on the other.


  • Two different measurement ranges
  • Easy read-out
  • Adjustable head positioner
  • Choice of two units of measurement
  • Simple assembly


Measuring Range

138 cm selectable from 3.5 to 230 cm

Graduation Length

1 mm


120 x 1500 x 217 mm


1.7 Kg
Functions Wall fastening essential / possible