Eppendorf MiniSpin Plus Micro

The Eppendorf MiniSpin Plus personal centrifuge has a sleek exterior and features reliable and durable technology. The design combines functionality, safety, ease of use and comfort.

The MiniSpin Plus has 12-positions for research with small sample requirements. The perfectly designed metal rotor lid even accommodates virtually all spin columns.

The maintenance-free drive of the MiniSpin Plus accelerates up to 12 x 1.5/2.0 ml micro centrifuge tubes to a maximum speed of 14,100 x g (14,500 RPM). 


  • Exceptionally small footprint
  • Extremely quiet - low noise levels
  • Maintenance-free drive
  • Easy-to-follow digital display
  • Low sample heating (only 12°C / 53.6°F after 20 min. at max. speed)
  • Separate short-spin key
  • Automatic lid release
  • Built-in power unit
  • Autoclave use for rotor (121°C / 250°F, 20 Min.)
  • Acceleration and braking times <13 sec. (at max. speed)
  • Stainless steel rotor lid
  • Includes refined "Black Line" aluminium rotor
  • Max. speed of 14,500 RPM; max. RCF 14,100 x g
  • RPM/RCF setting as required
  • Continuous centrifugation possible
  • Optional: adaptor for 0.2 ml PCR tubes, adaptors for 0.4 microcentrifuge tubes, 0.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes and 0.6 ml Microtainer®





12 Place x 1.5 ml / 2.0 ml

Max. speed

14,500 RPM

Max. RCF

14,100 x g

Electronic Timer

15 seconds to 99 minutes with continuous function

Acceleration time

13 seconds

Braking time

12 seconds


110V / 230V


50/60 Hz


4.3 kg / 9.5 lbs


119h x 226w x 239d mm / 4.7h x 8.9w x 9.4d inches


This Eppendorf Minispin Plus Microcentrifuge is available for hire/rent for your clinical trial or is available on a purchase basis. It can be ordered with any other clinical trial, medical or laboratory equipment to create the most effective equipment management solution for your study.