Cryogenic Gloves

Developed for handling very cold objects, typically those stored in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen (in the range -120°C to -190°C).

The outer layer is of waterproof material to resist condensed water on cold surfaces, but remains permeable to gases (including water vapour) so that there is no clammy condensation within. To reduce bulk around the fingers, the stitch holes have not been sealed. In normal use this has not proved a problem, however, the gloves should not be immersed in liquid nitrogen and it is not advisable to use them above -80°C. Very durable, they retain their flexibility (albeit with some stiffening) for long periods in cold atmospheres. Polymide outer material, polyofin with some polyester as filling and cotton liner.


Available in 3 range - wrist length, elbow length and shoulder length all available in small, medium and large. Please select when ordering.


Crygenic gloves are available for hire/rent for your clinical trial or is available on a purchase basis. They can be ordered with any other clinical trial, medical or laboratory equipment to create the most effective equipment management solution for your study.