July 08, 2013

Clinispin CT20 Centrifuge available from Woodley

Woodley Equipment has added the Clinispin CT20 Centrifuge to its wide range of laboratory benchtop centrifuges. The Clinispin CT20 laboratory centrifuge is capable of running up to 15 ml tubes to a maximum speed of 6,500 RPM. Corresponding to an RCF of 4,000 and its variable speed allows for a variety of applications to be performed. During operation the lid is locked. Once the rotor has come to a stop, both the time and speed flash to signify the run has been completed.


It is the smallest centrifuge in its class. The 21 x 24 cm footprint makes it ideal for almost any laboratory and it can easily be transported from lab to lab.

The Clinispin CT20